Where to Find Hulu at Cannes 2019

The 56th annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is finally here, and the best and brightest minds in media will be in attendance. Here are four key themes that Hulu is keeping top-of-mind this year, and where you’ll find us if you’re attending:

1. Always Putting the Viewer First

Viewers have vocalized their desire for more choice and control in their TV experience. From our content offerings to product and advertising innovations, every decision we make starts with the viewer.

2. Connecting With Consumers Through Culture

Creating breakthrough moments as a brand that drive social conversation. In an era of peak TV, the only way to stand out is to be deeply original and culturally relevant.

3. Reaching the Right Audience, at the Right Time

Ads that are interactive and engaging – served to an audience tailored for your campaign. As marketers, having deep targeting capabilities at your fingertips is what gives you the competitive edge.

4. Measurable & Actionable Insights

Identifying trends at both a macro level and micro level. Real-time optimization and attribution tools. All coupled with a robust set of first-and third-party data that achieves business results.


The Future is Female: Women & the Direct-to-Consumer Economy


12:30 PM – 1:00 PM


Debussy Theatre


Consumers are disrupting traditional business models and investing their dollars and time in brands that have mastered connection, convenience and personalization. The biggest driver of this seismic transformation toward a direct-to-consumer economy? Women. With control of 85 percent of consumer spending in the United States alone, from entertainment to wellness to food and fashion, today’s shift to a direct-to-consumer economy centers on companies and content made by women, for women.

  • Kelly Campbell: CMO, Hulu
  • Deirdre Findlay: CMO, StitchFix
  • Kerry Washington: Actress, Producer and Activist
  • Julia Boorstin: Senior News & Entertainment Correspondent, CNBC (Moderator)

Kantar Panel: Innovations in Video Targeting


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


Kantar Apartment      


As the industry reviews best practice between TV and digital, brand building vs. direct response and audience vs. contextual marketing, we will review innovations in targeting that are already having an impact.

  • Julie DeTraglia: Head of Research, Hulu
  • Allison Stern: Co-Founder, Tubular Labs
  • Kaitie Coughlin: Head of Client Success, LiveRamp
  • Ashwin Navin: CEO, SambaTV
  • Susan Tillou: Global Head of Partnerships, Kantar, Media Division (Moderator)


From Dinosaurs to Divas: How Data Got Cool


10:00 – 10:30 AM


The Girls Lounge at the Hotel Martinez


We’ve finally crossed the threshold from analysts sitting in the back room to data taking a front seat in smart marketing, effective creative, great products and unique brand messages.

  • Pato Spagnoletto: Head of Growth Marketing, Hulu
  • Sara Badler: SVP of Programmatic Revenue & Strategy, Dotdash
  • Renee Cassard: Chief Audience Officer, Hearts & Sciences
  • Cathleen Ryan: VP Marketing, Intuit
  • Allison Murphy: SVP Data & Innovation, The New York Times (Moderator)

The Streaming Wars And The Future of Advertising in OTT In Lieu Of Ad Breaks


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


The Drum FCB Yacht, Jetée Albert-Edouard


In this panel of television industry visionaries, we’ll explore how the shift to DTC streaming services will impact marketers and whether the future of advertising in OTT will take the form of brand integrations and branded entertainment in lieu of traditional ad breaks.

  • Jeremy Helfand: Head of Ad Platforms, Hulu
  • Sarah Stringer: SVP and Head of Innovation, Carat
  • Michael Shields: VP, Sales Strategy and Business Development, Disney
  • Nicole McCormack: Head of Advertising Partnerships, Quibi
  • Stephen Lepitak: Senior Editor, The Drum (Moderator)

IAB Disruptor Brands: The Next Wave


1PM – 2 PM


Telaria Yacht, #N26


Built in no small part on foundations laid by Facebook and Instagram, disruptor brands are colonizing linear television, dominating urban outdoor environments, propelling podcasting and terrestrial radio, and finding happiness with new digital growth platforms – even as they grapple with increasingly complex multi-channel attribution models.

  • Peter Naylor: Head of Advertising, Hulu
  • Vikram Bhaskaran: Global Head of Vertical Strategy and Marketing, Pinterest
  • Denise Colella: SVP, Advanced Advertising Products & Strategy, Ad Sales, NBCU
  • Mark Zagorski: CEO, Telaria, Inc.
  • Jim Stengel: President & CEO, The Jim Stengel Group (Moderator)


Connected TV Unplugged: A Fireside Chat on How Hulu Is Transforming TV


9:30 – 10:00 AM


Innovid CTV Fireside Conversation


The last year has been transformational for Hulu. The company has weathered changes to its ownership structure, launched award-winning original hits, and posted exploding subscriber numbers. All while expanding its position as one of the world’s premiere connected TV companies. Sit down with Hulu CEO Randy Freer and broadcast legend Katie Couric for a discussion about how Hulu is shaping the future of Connected TV.

  • Randy Freer: CEO, Hulu
  • Katie Couric: Journalist & Author

The Trade Desk Fireside Discussion


3PM – 8:00 PM


The Trade Desk Event Penthouse, 5th Floor, 2 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes (directly across from the Palais)


Discuss the future of TV advertising and the importance of advertising to OTT audiences.

  • Doors Open: 3:00 PM
  • Panel: 3:30-4:30 PM
  • Happy Hour: 4:30-8:00 PM
  • Peter Naylor: Head of Advertising, Hulu
  • Tim Castree: CEO of GroupM
  • Linda Yaccarino: Chairman, Advertising & Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal
  • Jeff Green: CEO and Founder, The Trade Desk (Moderator)

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A: When the native aspect ratio is 1.78:1 or 1.33:1 throughout the entire program, there should not be any letterboxing (black bars on top and bottom), nor should there be any pillarboxing (black bars on either side). We should should see an active picture take up the full frame. If the aspect ratio is wider than 1.78:1, such as 2.35:1, matting on the top and bottom is permissible. Additionally, if there is a creative choice to add matting or if there is a mix of native aspect ratios, this is usually waived, but please reach out to your Hulu representative to confirm.


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Q: Should the bitrate be constant if delivering ProRes codec?
A: No, since ProRes codec is built to be variable, this is waived.

Q: Can you accept bitrate higher than 30 Mbps?
A: Yes, we can accept bitrate beyond the recommended range for H.264 and ProRes. In the case of ProRes, bitrate will often exceed 30 Mbps due to its variable setting.

Q: What does native frame rate mean?

A: Native frame rate refers to the frame rate the source footage was shot. Whenever possible, we require all videos to be delivered in their native frame rate. This means that no frame rate conversion should be performed, which includes adding 3:2 pulldown for broadcast.

Q: Why do you ask for progressive?

A: The Hulu player, unlike traditional broadcast, does not play back interlace scan, so we require that all videos be delivered with their scan type set to progressive. If your video is natively interlaced, you must de-interlace it to progressive and you must employ a de-interlace filter that does not result in blending or ghosting artifacts. We recommend an auto-adaptive de-interlace if available.

Q: Why do you prefer PCM codec?

A: PCM codec is lossless audio quality, so whenever possible, please deliver PCM audio.

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