Getting “Social” with Streaming TV

Generation Stream is always connected; a digitally native and socially-savvy audience. They are first movers, content curators, and in today’s world with endless on-demand shows to binge and hundreds of viral social media challenges (or dances) to learn, there is certainly no shortage of entertainment options available to them. For advertisers, figuring out the right […]

Hulu Presents: Green Is Good

At Hulu’s 2020 Newfront presentation, “Green Is Good,” the company showcased the premium content, industry-leading insights, viewer-first advertising products and new creative opportunities that make Hulu the most valuable Streaming TV partner to today’s biggest brands. The Streaming TV space is booming, and on-demand content is driving the lion’s share of this growth, surging up […]

“Me” to “We” Viewing: Exploring Co-Viewing During COVID-19

During this time of stay-at-home orders, it’s no surprise that life can feel isolating for many people. Television has always been a catalyst for connection, and today, these shared viewing experiences are even more important, as they provide an escape from reality, create daily routines, and provide something to look forward to and talk about. […]

Tuning in to Changing Viewing Habits

Breaking the Habit Loop. Late last year, Hulu embarked on a research study we called “Becoming First,” in which we explored the cues, routines and rewards associated with TV viewing. We especially wanted to consider this in a world where new streaming services are launching and content is becoming increasingly fragmented. What we learned is […]

Staying Connected with Consumers in Today’s Climate

It’s no surprise that people are leveraging technology in new ways during the current state of physical distancing. They are working remotely, connecting with friends over virtual happy hours, streaming more video content across all devices, and replacing traditional brick-and-mortar shopping trips with online alternatives. We’re all going through challenges as we adjust to this […]

Get Creative with your Creative on Hulu

With thousands of brands advertising on Hulu, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all creative strategy when building a standard video commercial. With this in mind, we set out to better understand what really makes a brand stand out amongst the coveted Generation Stream viewers. Hulu partnered with Kantar to develop creative best practices for […]

Streaming TV in the Age of Physical Distancing

People are watching more TV. It’s a well known fact by now that sweeping physical distancing orders have impacted consumer media behavior. With more time at home, individuals and families are turning to their televisions and devices to stay connected, to pass the time, to get critical information and for a much-needed emotional escape. According […]

Stream The Love

Valentine’s Day is all about bringing people together. It’s a celebration of friendship, commitment, and the pairing of individuals who are ready to take on the world together. But before we get too emotional, it’s important to bring up our favorite kind of pairing. We’re talking about Derek and Meredith, Homer and Marge, Marshall and […]

Don’t Miss Hulu at CES 2020

CES is the premiere gathering place for leaders in technology & innovation… …and we’re gearing up for some exciting panels & fire-side chats throughout the week. Check out Hulu’s line-up of speakers: Digital Hollywood Contextual Advertising Panel – Transforming Contextual Advertising & Media Hulu Panelist: Jeremy Helfand, Vice President and Head of Advertising Platforms Date: […]

Hulu, The Original DTC Brand

Today’s consumer is empowered, motivated by choice and control and expects to be reached in interactive and customized ways. In order for brands to break through the crowded and complex marketplace, performance marketing is critical to building direct connections with consumers. As the direct-to-consumer category expands and businesses grow, so too does the need to […]