Looking Back on 2020: Hulu’s Year End Report

2020 has been a year unlike any other. We’ve faced a tremendous amount of change and uncertainty while adjusting to our “new normal” each passing day. Spending more time at home, adapting to a virtual-first world and completing far too many DIY projects have become second nature at this point. Through it all, our viewers’ […]

Commitment During COVID-19: The Rise of Full Series Viewing

Streaming has fundamentally changed the way we watch TV, and it comes as no surprise that people are leveraging the power of Streaming TV to stay entertained during the current state of physical distancing. Generation Stream, the next generation of TV viewers, has told us that Streaming TV has changed the way they watch content. […]

Home for the Huludays

2020 has caused many of us to revisit our typical behaviors. We’ve shifted from going to the gym to taking virtual yoga classes, said goodbye to our desk at the office and said hello to virtual meetings, and we’ve replaced our grocery store shopping with meal-kit delivery. Given all this change and feelings of uncertainty, […]

Post-Debate Palate Cleansing: How Hulu Viewers Decompress Following the Debates

As we’ve seen among Generation Stream, TV is constantly serving as a mood management tool. We’ve found that ‘mood’ is a two-way street. On one hand, mood directs streamers to what they watch, and on the other hand, what viewers watch directs their mood. Given that the recent presidential debates incited a range of moods […]

Getting “Social” with Streaming TV

Generation Stream is always connected; a digitally native and socially-savvy audience. They are first movers, content curators, and in today’s world with endless on-demand shows to binge and hundreds of viral social media challenges (or dances) to learn, there is certainly no shortage of entertainment options available to them. For advertisers, figuring out the right […]

Hulu Presents: Green Is Good

At Hulu’s 2020 Newfront presentation, “Green Is Good,” the company showcased the premium content, industry-leading insights, viewer-first advertising products and new creative opportunities that make Hulu the most valuable Streaming TV partner to today’s biggest brands. The Streaming TV space is booming, and on-demand content is driving the lion’s share of this growth, surging up […]

“Me” to “We” Viewing: Exploring Co-Viewing During COVID-19

During this time of stay-at-home orders, it’s no surprise that life can feel isolating for many people. Television has always been a catalyst for connection, and today, these shared viewing experiences are even more important, as they provide an escape from reality, create daily routines, and provide something to look forward to and talk about. […]

Tuning in to Changing Viewing Habits

Breaking the Habit Loop. Late last year, Hulu embarked on a research study we called “Becoming First,” in which we explored the cues, routines and rewards associated with TV viewing. We especially wanted to consider this in a world where new streaming services are launching and content is becoming increasingly fragmented. What we learned is […]

Staying Connected with Consumers in Today’s Climate

It’s no surprise that people are leveraging technology in new ways during the current state of physical distancing. They are working remotely, connecting with friends over virtual happy hours, streaming more video content across all devices, and replacing traditional brick-and-mortar shopping trips with online alternatives. We’re all going through challenges as we adjust to this […]

Get Creative with your Creative on Hulu

With thousands of brands advertising on Hulu, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all creative strategy when building a standard video commercial. With this in mind, we set out to better understand what really makes a brand stand out amongst the coveted Generation Stream viewers. Hulu partnered with Kantar to develop creative best practices for […]