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Hulu Ad Manager

How It Works


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Once we are ready for you to advertise, we’ll email you our Ad Manager Quick Start Guide, your roadmap for advertising on Hulu, followed by an access code for the Ad Manager platform.


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Once you’ve accessed the Ad Manager platform, you’re ready to budget, target, upload, and launch your first video ad campaign.

“Clean look and easy set up process. It took 5-10 minutes to get my campaign running.”

Oleg Bespalov

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness,
Moorpark College

“The platform was very easy to navigate, and setting up a campaign was a breeze.”

Morgan Yingling

Communications Associate,
The Community Foundation

“Getting on TV is a big deal. With Hulu Ad Manager, you can have a minimum budget of $500 and that’s affordable for any small business owner . . . . The number of impressions we can get for our spend is incredible for such an engaged audience.”

Maryam Garg



Why Advertise on Hulu?

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Connect with Your Audience Effectively

Reach them by location, interest, program genre and more.


Set Flexible

For a minimum spend of $500 per campaign, you can stream your ads on a platform that offers current TV hits, classic favorites, and binge-worthy Hulu Originals.


Manage Your Campaigns Easily

Choose your budget, structure your campaign, and stop and start whenever you choose!


View Up-To-Date Ad Performance

View the number of impressions your ad is getting and how your advertising dollars are being spent.


We've Got Answers

From getting started to reports and performance.

Hulu Ad Manager is a self-service solution that gives you the ability to upload, target, and measure the performance of your video Ads on Hulu. Within this platform, you can:

  • Use flexible budgets with a low minimum spend, making streaming TV advertising possible for businesses of all sizes.
  • Target by location, interests and program genre to zero-in on your true potential customers.
  • Easily track your up-to-date campaign performance right on your campaign dashboard.
  • Maintain control of your campaign from start to finish. You can stop, pause, cancel, or delete a campaign at any time.

Hulu Ad Manager is an easy-to-use, self-service solution for managing your streaming TV ads; it’s flexible and it’s easy to get started.

Traditional TV Advertising
Self-Service Solution for Streaming TV Advertising
Traditional TV ad campaigns are often managed by a third party or agency, which doesn’t give smaller businesses the opportunity to test and learn while they spend within their budgets and grow at their own pace.
Our simple, self-service solution gives you control over all aspects of your campaigns. From identifying your targeting parameters to setting your budget to uploading your creative and paying by credit card—we make it easier than ever to launch, optimize, and monitor up-to-date campaign data.
Delayed Measurability
Up-to-Date Data
You can wait anywhere from 2 weeks post-campaign to 60-90 days after the end of the quarter in which your campaign ran before you see any reporting on the impressions for your ad. (IAB, “Advanced TV Matrix”)
You no longer have to wait. With our self-service solution, you can see your up-to-date ad performance, right in your dashboard. This allows you to refine and optimize creative, budgets, targeting, and other parameters for maximum effectiveness.
Content-Based Targeting
Audience-Based Targeting
Traditional TV targeting is predominantly content-based, meaning, you target by TV show and when it airs. This can be a great solution for getting brand messages in front of a wide audience, but it’s like casting a wide net over a pond—you will likely catch fish, they just may not be the ones you wanted to catch.
Streaming TV Advertising is audience-based, meaning, you can target your ads to reach the right consumers based on a wide array of demographic indicators: zip code, age, gender, interests, and beyond. Plus, you still have the opportunity to target by program genre (ie – comedy, drama, reality, etc.). Audience targeting allows you to target with specificity so that you are more likely to reach your next customer where they are watching.

It’s free to sign up and you can go live with your campaign for as little as $500. No subscription fees. Billing starts after your Ad starts running.

You can attempt to reach specific audiences using the targeting options available in each campaign.

To run an Ad on Hulu, you need to create a campaign. A campaign promotes a product or service on Hulu for a given date range. As part of creating a campaign, you will upload a video Ad.

An Ad refers to the actual advertising content.

Currently, Hulu Ad Manager supports video Ads between 15-30 seconds in length, one per campaign.

You can submit video Ads in MP4 or MOV format.

Ads must be in HD, have stereo sound, and comply with Hulu’s Ad Policies.

All Ads will be reviewed for compliance with Hulu’s Ad Policies. Please allow at least 3 business days for this review process.

The Hulu Ad Manager offers targeting by gender, age, location, interests and by content (genre).

Yes, you can narrow down your audience by state, DMA (designated marketing area), city, ZIP code, or any combination of these geographic types.

You cannot select specific shows, but you can select genres which include multiple shows.

Hulu Ad Manager provides reports on the status and progress of each of your campaigns.