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Filippo Berio’s multi-format campaign successfully reached their target audience, driving significant lifts across the purchase funnel and outperforming Hulu CPG benchmarks.

vs. Hulu CPG Norms
0 x
lift in
brand Favorability
0 x
lift in
Brand Consideration
The campaign drove significant lifts in brand favorability, as well as purchase consideration for Filippo Berio olive oil. Utilization of Hulu’s interactive living room unit was especially impactful as an awareness-driver, highlighted by a +44% lift in brand awareness and +64% lift in message association.

What They Wanted

As one of the leading olive oil brands in the world, Filippo Berio has set the standard for what high-quality, perfectly balanced olive oil should be. Their ongoing success is a testament to the passion and dedication of Filippo Berio himself – a man who dedicated his life to crafting the best olive oil for people to enjoy, adding his signature to each bottle only when he felt it was perfect. They’ve meticulously worked to maintain the standards he set for over 150 years – a proud legacy that shines through to this day.

To drive awareness and break through to retail shoppers, this iconic brand partnered with Hulu to launch a multi-format campaign worthy of the Filippo Berio name. The campaign’s primary objective was to increase brand awareness among their target audience while also creating a more dynamic and personalized experience for viewers. This approach ultimately moved the needle on lower funnel and purchase-focused metrics.

How They Hulu

The Filippo Berio campaign consisted of multiple ad formats; leveraging a combination of standard, interactive and situational ad products to elevate the brand in the minds of olive oil shoppers. The creative execution was brought to life in the same meticulous manner that they craft their olive oil, as their dedication to perfection ultimately made this partnership successful.

The interactive ad prompted viewers to search for the closest retailer carrying Filippo Berio products, eliciting engagement and ultimately driving real-world action.
The Filippo Berio logo is prominently displayed during a user-initiated pause, providing an innovative and non-intrusive ad experience for viewers.
“In combination with their incredible targeting capabilities, Hulu’s creative offerings allowed us to reach our consumer throughout their journey on the platform. We were able to build awareness, reinforce our message and encourage trial through each execution - leading to strong results in consideration for the brand in a highly competitive category.”

Meghan Boyd

Marketing Manager
Filippo Berio